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We welcome contact from students and prospective students. To ask a question about our courses or to request a lesson slot, please use the form below and we will get in touch by e-mail.

If you would prefer to chat to us by phone, include a contact number and we will save you the cost of the call.

Alternatively you can call us during office hours Monday to Friday on  (+ 2 7)  0 3 1  7 7 6  3 0 3 7 or  0 8 7  0 5 8  1 3 6 7

Please note that we not tolerate the abuse of our contact facilities for purposes other than genuine enquiries from our clients.

Therefore, no use may be made of these facilities for marketing calls or for messages from marketing workers, advertising operatives and on-line mailing operators for the making of, or the sending of any commercial solicitations for any products or web services. Thank you.

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