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Our contact courses are shown in the table below this text.

Each course on offer is broken-up into segments so that you can grasp and then master each core concept without information-overload.

As each new concept is imparted, you are given ample opportunity to do practical assignment work to cement the techniques involved.

Teaching sessions for part-time contact courses take place by arrangement to suit your schedule on weekdays, in the early evenings from 5.30 or 6.00 pm to 7.30 or 8.00 pm, Saturday mornings 10-12 or on Sunday afternoons between 2 and 4 p.m. The longest part-time course involves 4 sessions of 2 hours each. Thus your investment in time is roughly 8-10 hours.

All contact training is on a one-to-one basis.

At the end of some of the courses you are asked to present a portfolio of work that demonstrates your understanding and application of the concepts taught. Upon presentation of a successful portfolio, you will be awarded your course certificate. (Portfolios are retained for quality assurance records).

In summary, perhaps it is apposite to quote a past delegate about our approach. (See more feedback via the feedback button above)

"I was expecting tons of jargon and had visions of having to brush off my rusty old high school mathematics and physics knowledge. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the easy understanding and warm-hearted approach I encountered. You made it all so easy to understand and gave great practical advice from start to finish. I especially value the individual one on one approach. 

Perhaps you should not advertise photography courses.

I think you should say you give a course in what actually matters.

Using only the things that matter and leaving your mythical camera engineer (Mr Yakahisha or whatever you call him...) to do the rest I am getting consistently great results and the value for money you offer is amazing.

I am so happy I found your academy. Thank you."







Basic Videography course (CBV1) Video formats, Pre-production, shooting, post-production editing and producing web-clips and DVDs 4 Modules with practical exercises. Homework assignment at the end of the course for evaluation R995.00


Basic Photography and “How my camera works” (CBP)

Photographic principles and step-by step explanation of your camera

9 Hours spread over a month-Includes practical use/shoot

R1 250.00 at Academy or R1750.00 at customer premises.

Basic Studio techniques (CBS)

Introduction to studio work - 2 delegates maximum per session.

4 Hours

Includes in-studio practical work

R1 750.00

Better Digital SLR Photography (CBDSLR)

Basic Principles, Digital techniques, metering, colour management, composition, lenses, flash work.

4 x 2 hour sessions

(3 in class-1 outdoor)

Includes 3 practical assignments

R1 950.00


Photographic Weekend workshop (CWW)

Basic Principles in-depth, digital colour, advanced metering, composition, subject tutorials, wildlife principles, Photoshop 80/20 tutorial

6 x 2 hour sessions on Friday evening, Saturday morning, midday, evening. Practical wildlife shoot on Sunday morning, evaluation and summary. Depart Early afternoon

R2 950.00 EXCLUDING ACCOMODATION. Package rates to be available depending on availability and venue.

Photojournalism (CPJ)

Photojournalistic techniques, basics of writing articles and interviews

3 x 2 hour sessions

Includes practical assignment

R1 750.00

Basic Photo Manipulation (Includes software) (CPS8020)

Learn how to use the 20% of the software techniques you use 80% of the time

3 x 2 hour sessions

R 1 750.00

Photo Manipulation in-depth (CPSPRO)

For power-users

4 x 2 Hour Sessions

R2 250.00

Portrait Photography (CPP)

Approach, etiquette, techniques

2 x 2 hour sessions including practical

R1 750.00

Wedding Photography (CWP)

Approach, etiquette, customs, planning, professionalism

3 x 2 hour sessions plus practical mentoring at a shoot (Student's own first wedding booked after course)

R4 500.00

Sport Photography (CSP)

Principles, equipment, techniques

4 hour session plus practical shoot

R1 950.00


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