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Corporate Training programmes

We are proud to have been of assistance to prestige corporate clients such as those shown here.


In many companies a large amount of money has been spent on wonderful equipment for web-site product shots, in-house marketing and other imaging needs.

We tailor photographic and process training programmes to suit the company's specific output requirements using the equipment at hand. This is accomplished in conjunction with the client and joint planning is undertaken to ensure that all objectives are met.

Empowering your staff to utilise the equipment to its best advantage ensures that your company obtains the maximum cost/benefit return on its investment in imaging infrastructure.

Training is accomplished with no disruption to output and tuition periods are tailored to already existing staff time-tables and production schedules.

Once we have served your company, your staff effectively gain new colleagues as we enroll the staff we train into our ongoing support programme so they have a ready source of advice and assistance.

Lower stress levels, happier marketing department executives and smiling financial directors are by products of our training that ensures that tip-top product, record/evidenciary or marketing photographs are produced by the staff designated to the task within your organization.

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