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The Proof of the pudding...

We are proud to offer on this page, a glimpse of the work produced by our students. Most of the images are taken from the end of course portfolio submitted by students but some are taken from the assignments completed as part of the course programmes.


This image was taken by one of our first students and formed part of her course portfolio. It demonstrates her understanding of composition, lighting, lens selection and timing - all vital ingredients to making (rather than taking) a photograph.

Portfolio sample
is portfolio sample was submitted by Robyn, a mother of two energetic young children who says she does not get enough time to do her photography.

Nevertheless, she has certainly found the time to demonstrate her understanding of the concepts taught in the Basic Photogrpahy course. Considering she is running her first ever D-SLR (and that for only a few weeks) we think it is safe to say that we will be seeing much more of her talent behind the camera in the months to come (especially as she has already enrolled for the better D-SLR photography course)

robyn1    robyn2



The image of the Apples above is especially interesting as it was taken in total darkness!
We will share the secret to images like this during your course.

Submissions - Basic Photography: Depth of Field Assignments
The ability to selectively control the elements within a photograph that are rendered sharply focused or blurred is a key aspect of the control afforded by a good quality camera. The samples here show how this can be used to concentrate the viewer's attention on the key motif within the frame.



Submissions - Basic Photography: Shutter Speed



The image above is of a water fountain. The timing of the shot has made it look like
a crystal statue has been placed on the domed-rock. Water - flowing, splashing or pouring - provides a fascinating
and never-ending source of great photographs - if you know the techniques to use.

Submissions - Basic Photography: Light Metering Assignments
light3     lighting2    light1

These images represent a range of conditions and difficulty that have been mastered by our students - From the intelligent use of white-balance in low light to the serenity of a dark church interior and the challenge of capturing detail on the moon's face (something everyone tries and gets wrong 9 out of 10 times until we tell you the easy, logical secret!)

Submission samples - Better D-SLR Photography: Composition
compose1                  compose2

Aside from displaying an eye for a captivating image where others would walk-by, these photographs demonstrate the understanding  of light metering, simple, yet effective composition and the ability to think "through the process" to the final result - the success of which depends on getting the technicalities correct BEFORE the shutter is released. Both the above photographs demonstrate that the photographers have understood this well. The image on the left is as-shot in the camera and the one on the right was not adjusted for levels, contrast or brightness - the only adjustment was to render sections of the image in selective colour.

Submission samples - Basic Studio Photography

       studio3     studio2


These samples are from our basic studio photography classes. They demonstrate the concepts involving pack-shot, product and food photography which are covered in the course.